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Amrit MSU grad 2019
Candace 2014 Model
Julia 2014
Emily 2014
Stephanie 2014
Heidi 2013 Bride
Sara 2014
Monika Reid - Model 2015
Taylor 2015
Shawn Powe of UNV photoshoot 2015
Regina and Bridal Party 2015
Boho Photo Shoot - Grand Haven 2017
Amber 2015
Kira 2015
Kira 2015
Political Differences 2011- dberggren Photography
Tiffany 2012
Jamie 2012 Bride
Allissa 2013
Elysse 2012
Alysia 2013
Stephanie and Bridal Party 2014
Tanya Feilfel-Rhodes 2016
Carrie 2012
Boho Photo Shoot - Grand Haven 2017
Candace 2014 Model
Cronin & Bridal Party 2015
Taylor's Bridal Party 2015
Stephanie 2014 Bride
Shelby and Bridal Party 2015
Tiffany 2012
Candace 2014 Model
Amber 2012
Tanya - Bride and Best Friend 2015
Allisa 2015 Pregnancy Photo
Niki 2016
Boho Photo Shoot - Be Inspired By SASS Photography 2016
Ellie 2015
Carrie 2012 Bride
Boho Photo Shoot - Shaylee - Be Inspired By SASS Photography 2016
Rebecca_s Retro Wedding 2017
Monica 2015
Mac _ Beach Photo Shoot 2019


While there are many more occasions than weddings to experience airbrush makeup, weddings are probably the most common for me. Princess for a day, the center of attention, as real as stealing the limelight gets for most of us – the bride. You have enough going on the day of your wedding, pamper yourself with the effortless perfection of airbrush makeup. It's YOUR day, let out your inner princess 



Whether Prom, senior pictures, family portraits, graduation, black-tie events, new year's eve, or just a night out - whatever the occasion, light on the airbrushing = heavy on the confidence!! We will take care of you! Take a look at some of these great looks and stop worrying about your makeup running or even applying it for that matter.

Special Occasions & Just for Fun

Fashion, Editorial, and Television

Darcie In Action

Is this YOUR fifteen minutes of fame? Do you spend your days on TV? Are you putting together a modeling portfolio? Whatever the reason you're trying to put your best foot forward, I'm here to help you do just that. Click on the image and see some of the people I have helped put their best foot forward for the public to see. I will do the same for you!

Loving what I do!

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