The full payment for this service $80 meaning, your deposit is payment in full and is non-refundable.

Included: Professional airbrush and traditional makeup application, one set of lashes and travel*.
Final payment of additional service fees due the day of event. Please review additional service fees for details.
*15 miles included without additional service fees.
This service may take place at professionals location if bride chooses.

Bride Event Day Application Deposit (no trial)

  • IMPORTANT: Before you issue payment, you should have already visited the "services" page and contacted Darcie to confirm availabiltiy of your requested appointment. I need to make sure I can get you scheduled during your preferred time before you pay your deposit or for services in full. If you have already received the confirmation call, text, or email (depending on your preferred method of contact listed) from me regarding your appointment, then please feel free to proceed. Thank you!