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Non-Refundable Deposit: Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. I completely understand that and that's not a problem. However, the non-refundable deposit is exactly that, non-refundable.  


Delays: Delays by the bridal party that prevent me from completing the makeup applications of the entire party within the set time frame will constitute a non-refundable deposit. I work very hard to accommodate every lady, even with delays, without being late for my next scheduled client (if any).


Additional Service Fees: Any additional service fees listed under the "Additional Service Fees" section will be refunded upon cancellation. 


Cancellations and Delays due to Professional: If for any reason I have to cancel an application due to my delay or by unforeseen circumstances, I will refund your money.


Please understand due to the nature of the wedding season that when I book an event, and by the actual day of the event, I will have already turned at least one potential client away requesting the same time slot. If you later cancel your appointment turning away that client costs my company a substantial amount of money. Thank you for your understanding.




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